• Personal Attention

    Personal Attention

    A rich learning experience that boasts:

    • An outstanding teacher to student ratio
    • Highly interactive, hands-on clinical training
    • A supportive community-based learning environment
  • Job Satisfaction

    Job Satisfaction

    Our graduates can expect:

    • 100% industry placement
    • High Earning Potential
    • Direct entry into respected Osteopathic Associations
  • Founding Practices

    Founding Practices

    The integrity of our roots can be found in:

    • Our commitment to the practices of classical osteopathy
    • Our focus on diagnostic principles and interconnectivity
    • A progressive curriculum which recognizes international academic standards.
  • Nga, Former Marketing Manager

    Meet Nga,
    1st Year CAO Student

    Former Marketing Manager

    After being successful in the field of marketing for over 10 years, Nga became disillusioned by her career path. In an effort to embrace her passion for helping others in her community, she decided to pursue a more rewarding profession in osteopathy at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Changing Careers »
  • Amanda, Former Kinesiologisy Grad

    Meet Amanda, 1st Year CAO Student

    Former Kinesiology Grad

    After graduating from The University of Toronto with a degree in Kinesiology, Amanda looked for a challenging post-graduate program which would help her identify the true cause of physiologic problems and how to apply appropriate treatment. She found it at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. University or College Graduate »
  • Sheryl, Former Massage Therapist

    Meet Sheryl, Professor Training Program

    Former Massage Therapist

    Despite the establishment of a successful practice in massage therapy and hydrotherapy, Sheryl felt frustrated with the treatment principles of her field and began looking for an alternative way to address the complex physiologic issues of her patient community. After visiting The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, she decided to pursue a new career path in manual therapy. Health Care Professionals »
  • Why Choose the CAO?

    Why Choose the CAO?

    The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy offers a well-rounded and comprehensive educational program that boasts outstanding teacher to student ratio, quality hands-on clinical training, and a progressive curriculum which recognizes international standards and preserves classical osteopathy practices.

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  • Future Students

    Continuing Education

    If you’re looking to invest in your future with a customized educational program that prioritizes your unique learning needs and offers a supportive learning environment with work and learn opportunities, The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy may be the perfect fit for you.

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  • Changing Careers

    Changing Careers

    Are you feeling uninspired in your current field and searching for a more engaging and lucrative career path? The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy can accommodate you with flexible modified attendance formats and weekend classes that will make your transition smoother.

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  • The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is like no other academic institution I’ve come across. The faculty to student ratio is impressively high which allows each student to have constant feedback and personalized support. The program is intensive, yet more rewarding than any other learning experience I’ve had to date. I’ve experienced tremendous growth as an…

    Jennifer Di Nardo,
    Graduate and Assistant Professor
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