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AT Still University Trip to Kirksville

At the end of September, the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy took a group of 50 students and grads to the Founding Campus of Osteopathy: A.T. Still University down in Kirksville, Missouri. We took a film crew along with us and they captured the trip on video. Take a look . . .

Day 1 in Kirskville was jammed packed. The CAO’s group of 50 visited the the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, A.T Still’s grave, the Medicinal Garden, Kirksville town square, the Researcher Training, the Simulation Lab and the International Centre for Osteopathic History.

Day 2 was a special day. Our Principal Robert Johnston received the Honored Patron Award for outstanding service to ATSU and philanthropic support of its programs by Margaret Wilson, D.O., Dean of the Osteopathic Physician Education.

The CAO was also presented with a chair made by A.T. Still himself for the schools historic collection. It was an emotional event for all of us!
Thanks to everyone in Kirksville, Missouri for making our visit a memorable one!

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/canadianacademyosteopathy/posts/1014373261947977

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