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Gain Opportunities for Osteopathy Career Advancement with Our Apprenticeship Program

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At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, students have the opportunity to put their understanding of osteopathic principles and techniques to the test. In the clinical semester of Year 4—the last semester of the program—students participate in the CAO Apprenticeship Program. Here, they act as teaching assistants in the classroom labs, where they’ll monitor and instruct other students. In the process, they are able to solidify their own understanding of the osteopathy clinical practice, gaining confidence in their skills while guiding others. Read on to learn how you can boost your career development through the Apprenticeship program at the CAO!

Take the Lead in a Clinical Setting 

In our upper-year clinic, students will be responsible for observing and evaluating patients, guiding real patient treatments, and delivering real results. The focus is on letting students take the lead in their clinical experience and practical learning. 

The Apprenticeship program takes that one step further and gives you the chance to oversee other students in both the under-year clinic and classroom labs. Acting as a teaching assistant, you’ll monitor and instruct under-year students as they practice assessing and treating fellow students, conducting patient histories and intake procedures, and identifying the signs or symptoms of the body. Through this Apprenticeship program, upper-year students at our osteopathy college will gain extensive hands-on experience taking the lead in a designated clinical setting.

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Build your hands-on clinical experience while instructing other students at our osteopathy college

Consolidate Your Knowledge 

The program at the CAO balances the study of osteopathic reasoning through practical training with an understanding of the foundation principles and theory that those techniques rely on. The Apprenticeship program is a chance for students to bring those two approaches together. 

While guiding under-year students in the classroom labs, you’ll have the chance to see how the program unfolds over different levels and revisit the foundation of your osteopathy training. Through teaching, students will be able to fill in any gaps in their comprehension of the program material. The result is a more comprehensive understanding of the osteopathy clinical practice as a whole, which bridges the gap between practical applications and theoretical principles. 

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Solidify your own knowledge of osteopathic principles and practices

Put Your Skills to the Test as an Osteopathy Professional

Succeeding as an osteopathy professional takes time and discipline. Students will need to approach their training with dedication, professionalism and a genuine desire to learn more about anatomy and physiology. The CAO Apprenticeship is not only a chance to consolidate your knowledge, but it’s the chance to test your skills working with others through osteopathic practices. While in their rotations as teaching assistants in the under-year clinic, students will practice open communication, problem-solving and discipline to effectively guide other students in the clinical environment. With this kind of experience, students can graduate with confidence in their skills, ready to launch a successful career in osteopathy. 

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