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How Our Osteopathy Academy Helps Students Adjust to the Program

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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy delivers a rewarding and challenging program that prepares graduates for successful careers. We support each and every student on their path to working in a practice alongside other healthcare professionals or opening their own private practice in osteopathy. 

Our students come from different educational and professional backgrounds with different skill sets, and we give them the resources and learning environment they need to practice safe, ethical and effective osteopathy. From experienced instructors to community activities and peer-to-peer support, students at CAO are able to make the transition into an exciting new field of study. Learn more about the kind of support that awaits at our osteopathy school!

Build a Foundation for Your Studies With Our Prep Course

Students come to CAO from all different backgrounds, ranging from no healthcare experience to a degree in Health Sciences. To make the transition for all students easier, we offer an optional Year 1 Prep course to help you learn and review essential anatomy and physiology content before entering Year 1 of the program. The Prep course is a great option for students who have no healthcare background or limited experience in areas such as personal training, yoga, pilates or nutrition. 

Alternatively, many students come to our osteopathy college with a degree in Health Science or as a Licenced Health Professional. This includes those working as nurses, chiropractors, physicians, physiotherapists, and more. Those students may be eligible to bypass the Prep course and go directly into Year 1 of the program, with a Prep workbook to help you review essential content before classes begin. By ensuring that you have the foundation you need, we set you on the path to success now and in your future career. 

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Students can take a Year 1 Prep course to get up to speed on essential anatomy

Learn at Your Convenience

Many students are unsure whether they can make the adjustment back to school while upholding other work or personal commitments. At CAO, we make the transition to your studies and a new career as convenient as possible. Flexible program delivery is a key benefit of studying with us. Students enjoy a full-time schedule made up of online and in-person learning. You’ll attend in-person classes once a month for hands-on practice, while online lecture days are lumped together for added convenience. You can be sure you’ll get the training you need while easing the adjustment to the demands of full-time school. 

osteopathy career advancement
Enjoy a combination of online and in-person learning at our osteopathy college

Support from Your Peers and Instructors at Our Osteopathy College

While the coursework and nature of our osteopathy program may be challenging, there are many support services available for students on our campus. These include a Student Success Coordinator, assistance with registration and admissions processes, Office Administration Service and Financial Aid Services. Our courses are taught by faculty who are passionate about the subject and are highly invested in your osteopathy career advancement. They are there to offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience from their own time working as osteopathic manual practitioners. 

As a community-centred institution, our Student Council regularly works together to create engaging events, such as potlucks, pub nights and more. In small classes, under-year students also volunteer as “backup patients” in upper-year clinics, upper-year students act as Teaching Assistants and tutors for under-year students, and students rely on their friends in class to study together and push each other. With opportunities to form valuable connections with both your peers and instructors, you’ll find the support you need to adjust to life at our osteopathy school.

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