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How We Create a Community-Centred Dynamic at Our Osteopathy School

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy offers a world-class osteopathy education as well as an engaging community of like-minded people–all working in or towards a career in osteopathy. This kind of environment is one of support and encouragement. You’ll have the chance to connect with people on a similar path to you and build a network of friends to learn from and study with throughout your time at CAO. With small class sizes and a range of fun student events, we offer numerous opportunities for you to get to know your classmates and make the most of your time in the program. Here’s a closer look at how CAO creates a strong community dynamic for your education.

Participate in Student Events at Our Osteopathy Academy

Student life is an important part of the experience at CAO. Over our four-year program, we encourage every student to participate in school events and get involved in the community outside of the classroom. To encourage close-knit relationships between students, we’ve created a Student Council with representatives from each class. This group works together to organize a whole host of community events, including potluck dinners, pub nights, annual celebrations and more. Events like these help our students make new friends across all years and enrich their time at our school. If you’re looking for a fun and social learning experience, the community at our osteopathy academy awaits. 

Get to know your peers through community events at our osteopathy school.

Learn With the Support of Your Peers

Our student body comes together to support one another and ensure that each student has a rewarding experience in training for a new career in osteopathy. When you learn alongside a motivated and passionate group of people, you find the path to success becomes that much easier. 

In every year, you’ll find student tutors who are there to support your osteopathy career advancement, offering their own knowledge and experience as a learning resource. In addition, students in year 4 will act as Teaching Assistants and tutors for under-year students. This is their chance to instruct and guide other students while improving their own understanding of the osteopathy clinical practice as a whole. At the same time, under-year students volunteer as bodies in upper-year clinics, lending more experience to their peers.  

In small classes, you’ll have the chance to build a lasting network of aspiring osteopathy professionals to study with and support one another through your journey.

Students volunteer to support one another in their training.

Join a Community of Osteopathy Professionals 

The community dynamic at CAO extends beyond the student body. When you enroll, you have the chance to connect with alumni who are working in the field, as well as our amazing faculty of experienced osteopathic manual practitioners. This is a great resource to see you through the four-year program and into a successful career. Our outstanding teacher-to-student ratio ensures you get the individual attention and academic support you deserve, allowing you to achieve the highest level of comprehension and achievement possible. In a supportive environment, you can ask questions, make mistakes, and gain confidence in your skills as an osteopathy professional. 

Upon graduating, you’ll be part of a lasting community of students, alumni, and teachers, all of whom can guide and inspire you throughout your career. 


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