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Meet Our Students

Student of the CAO practicing osteopathy on a fellow student in the principles & practice laboratory
Students gain a comprehensive education with hands-on learning, expert instructors, and clinical experience

Hear What CAO Students and Graduates Have to Say!

We believe the best reflection of our institution is how our students feel about their learning experience with us. Here you will find what past and current students have to say about our unique osteopathy education program, clinical activities, campus life, and faculty!

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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is like no other academic institution I’ve come across. The faculty to student ratio is impressively high which allows each student to have constant feedback and personalized support. The program is intensive, yet more rewarding than any other learning experience I’ve had to date. I’ve experienced tremendous growth as an individual and as a practitioner. There’s something truly special about the program and its commitment to the roots of classical osteopathy. I would highly recommend it to any prospective student pursuing a career in this field.

Jennifer Di Nardo

The CAO is a place where you grow, you grow in your intelligence, you grow in maturity, you also grow in personal strength, and work ethic, and endurance. This school really brought out my best qualities.

Emily Sandaj

I wasn’t going to go back to school for no reason. They gave me the most direct entry into what I knew I already wanted to pursue.

Aanad Ondhia

I was really interested in the CAO because the education it offered and how the professors and even the students just go above and beyond to help everyone in the environment. It gives that sense of being involved in a community where people actually wanna see you succeed and care about you and want the best out of you

Adam Leblanc

The Inductions Program was a great introductory course. It just kind of refreshed and solidified those basic principles that you need to be successful throughout the school and that needs to stick with you. You could go into the portal whenever you wanted to and you could watch any videos if you needed help and then answer the questions.

Bryce Webster

The inductions process was appropriate to prepare me for my first year with the CAO. Coming from a personal training background, I had some understanding of components of what we were gonna be doing at school, but the inductions really set me up for the course load and the level of demand that it’s gonna take for me to be successful as an osteopath. By and large, it was ahead of the rest. It’s the best program I have been part of.

Curtis Woodley

“The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has a unique learning environment where a challenging curriculum is coupled with educators who are intent on seeing you succeed in the field of classical osteopathy. The emphasis on the roots of the profession gives the curriculum substance and depth unlike the majority of other programs which are technique-driven. Anyone can be taught technique, but the art is integrating all the techniques, understanding why you’re applying them and taking into consideration the entire physiologic effect of treatment according to the principles of osteopathy. I chose this program because I feel that higher learning and enlightenment only comes with getting a true grasp of all fundamental components, not just throwing pieces of information together haphazardly. The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has helped me understand how to do that.”

Amanda McLeish

I made a switch from nuclear engineering to osteopathy … this is engineering of the human body. The CAO really stood apart from different schools. The well thought out, systematic approach to how the program was put together. This place is just full of passion, full of history, and it’s a really great environment to be part of to kind of drive your own further fire in osteopathy and also find other people that feel the same way that you do.

Anna Macintosh

They really emphasize that you learn the best when you have a thought process and you have to think through the problem yourself. If you’re just given the answers, then it’s not gonna stick as well. The CAO is the most amazing, unique, and motivating learning environment that I could ever imagine.

Elyse Silverman

My experience at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has been incredibly rewarding. I’m honored to be part of the program that is principle-based instead of technique-driven. The passionate faculty demonstrates the highest level of integrity by teaching the core insights of osteopathy as originally intended by Dr. Still. They’re truly committed to shaping the critical thinking skills of their students rather than producing mediocre graduates who don’t really have a solid grasp of human physiology and functional anatomy. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career in alternative health care and understand the value of helping others in your community, this is the place you should be.

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