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The Admissions Process

Classroom skeleton wearing CAO branded sweater with students in classroom background
Become a student of manual osteopathy at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, ON

The CAO Admissions Process Is An Easy Three Steps!

1. Get in touch

Contact us filling out the form and we can help you get started with details on the program outline, start dates, tuition, and admissions process.

2. Take part in a Webinar

It’s important to us that all applicants connect with us personally by participating in a webinar. Get your questions answered, watch student testimonials, see a curriculum outline, and see what  faculty has to say! This is an informal way to see if the CAO is right for you–and there is no obligation to apply.

The CAO provides graduates of its program with a post-graduate diploma. Completion of the program does not result in being conferred a degree designation.

3. Complete Interview and Registration

Once we’ve connected online, if you love what you see and want to become a CAO student, the last step is to participate in an informal interview and submit your enrollment paperwork for PREP and your preferred osteopathy start date!

Get Program Details!