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Prepare for a Rewarding Career at Our Osteopathy College

become an osteopathic physician

If you’re excited to advance your career in a field that will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and community service every day, then osteopathy school is likely the perfect direction for you to take to reach your career goals. At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, we have been providing a principles-based program in Canada for twenty years. This method best prepares students for life in the real world when they continue on to thrive in their careers, as we aim to help students meet the international standards of education.

An educational experience is only complete when there is a perfect balance between theory and hands-on practice. At CAO, we prioritize an all-encompassing curriculum that consists of a true understanding of osteopathic principles, with the clinical competency to deliver safe and effective treatment to your future patients. Read on to discover how you can achieve a rewarding career at CAO.

Attend a Comprehensive Program at Our Osteopathy College

We offer a four-year comprehensive program at our osteopathy college that is rooted in a classical and principles-based understanding of osteopathic thinking, assessment, and treatment. Learning from professors who are also in full-time practice, you will be supported every step of the way when you choose CAO through active hands-on learning, lifelong career support, and the training required to practice as an Osteopathy professional.

The two-fold approach to this experiential learning involves learning to apply Principles-based reasoning in osteopathic treatment, both in class with your peers and in our student clinic environments. Applying this knowledge to actual patients under the supervision of a leading professor ensures students gain the confidence they need and the accuracy required to perform their best in an osteopathy career. 

osteopathy college
Our osteopathy college is the only principles-based program in all of Canada, best preparing graduates for a successful career

Benefit From the Partnerships We Have With Osteopathy Canada

Since CAO is a leading osteopathy school, we are able to partner with Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN). This gives students the assurance that upon graduation, insurance providers will see each graduate as a reputable provider. Upon program completion, you will receive an M.OMSc Diploma, which is recognized by osteopathic partners across Canada and worldwide.

This is important no matter what route you’d like to take after graduation. Many students succeed at owning their own practice once they graduate and pursue a career working for themselves. Other graduates thrive in multi-disciplinary clinics alongside other professionals, or in a clinic alongside other OMPs. Either way, having a reputable education with extensive career experience will help you open the doors to your dream career.

osteopathy school
A reputable education is important when considering your options after graduation, which is why CAO remains partners with Osteopathy Canada

Receive Hands-On Instruction and Clinical Training at CAO

Students at CAO receive over 4,200+ program hours, with 1000+ hours of clinical, hands-on practice from CAO professors who are experts in the field. One unique aspect of our program is that year four students participate in an apprenticeship program, where they act as Teaching Assistants in classes and clinics of under year students. This not only allows students to see the program unfold over different levels but through teaching, they’re able to fill in any gaps in their comprehension of the program material.

Having the support and encouragement available to make mistakes, learn from instructors and other classmates, and grow together with a common goal, instills confidence and motivation in every student. As a community-centered institution, we prioritize building a network of close relationships with classmates, colleagues, and professionals in the field. 

While the coursework and nature of CAO’s osteopathy program may be challenging, there are many support services available for students, including a Student Success Coordinator, assistance with registration and admissions processes, Office Administration Services, and more. And with an added flexible schedule format, your dream career is closer than ever at CAO. 

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