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Christian Collarile, Year 4 Student

I did a five-year undergrad at Western University in kinesiology. I loved the idea of the manual therapies, healing, helping people, that whole aspect. I had a friend of mine who introduced me to the osteopathic world and kind of told me to search it up. So obviously I searched up this one and the one in Toronto. I went on both websites and this one kind of jumped off the page. The student portal’s good, there’s videos, there’s Powerpoints. It’s got all your lecture slides, you know, from your anatomy and physiology, history, all your courses, so you can study in advance before the next mod. And you can obviously go back and study previous mods. It’s a good tool to have, definitely help your knowledge base. They set you up to succeed. The CAO to me is challenging but extremely rewarding.

Christiaan Collarile, CAO Student
Christian Collarile, Year 4 Student

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