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The Benefits of a Personalized Education at Osteopathy School

osteopathic manual practitioner

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that emphasizes the relationship between the structure and function of the human body. For those looking to enter a rewarding career in the field, the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy takes a unique, flexible approach to osteopathy training that is well suited to students with or without a background in healthcare. 

Our comprehensive four-year program combines a classical and principles-based understanding of osteopathic thinking, assessment and treatment. As a student, you’ll learn through a combination of classroom lessons and supervised clinical training—all with the support of professionals actively working as osteopathic manual practitioners. Read on to learn more about the experience of learning in the CAO’s dynamic, personalized program!

A Flexible Pathway to Suit Your Needs

The CAO prides itself on being able to offer a flexible program to accommodate the needs of our students. Many students enter our program with commitments to full-time work and are looking to develop the skills to transition into a new career. We aim to facilitate that transition through a combination of in person and online learning. 

During the classroom semester, the CAO condenses its classes into select days. Students are required to be in classes 5 full days a month. Students attend live online lectures on Zoom for 3 out of the 5 days and come into school the remaining 2 days for hands-on training. These hands-on days are 10 hour days, totalling 20 hours of hands-on training each month. During the clinical semester, clinical days are lumped together for the convenience of students. Students who are commuting from out of province will have priority in scheduling their clinical shifts. With a flexible, modified schedule, the CAO allows you to continue to work while training for your osteopathy specialization

osteopathy school
Train for your osteopathy specialization with a combination of hands-on and online classes

Enjoy Individual Attention from Instructors at Our Osteopathy School 

The clinical experience at the CAO is a chance for students to learn under the close supervision of our instructors. In the labs, you’ll enjoy small class sizes that allow for more individualized attention between you and the instructor. Our instructors are all professionals actively working as osteopathic manual practitioners, with the knowledge and experience to guide you towards a career of practicing safe, effective and ethical osteopathy. 

The dedicated clinical environments at our osteopathy school include both an under-year clinic and an upper-year clinic. This way, students can rest assured that they’re getting the hands-on experience they need while developing their confidence in a practical setting at every stage of their training.  

According to CAO graduate Jennifer Di Nardo, “the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is like no other academic institution I’ve come across. The faculty to student ratio is impressively high which allows each student to have constant feedback and personalized support…I’ve experienced tremendous growth as an individual and as a practitioner.”

osteopathy specialization
Students benefit from the individual guidance of our expert instructors

Supporting Students Before, During and After Their Training 

The program at the CAO is uniquely designed to suit those with or without a background in healthcare. We understand that osteopathy is a brand new practice and a new way of thinking for everyone, even if you already have some background in healthcare. To prepare students for the transition, we offer a PREP course that is designed for those with limited or no healthcare experience. This is your chance to learn or review essential anatomy and physiology content so that you can enter Year 1 of the program with confidence. 

Once in the program, our community-centred campus offers plenty of support systems to students, including access to a Student Success Coordinator and attentive faculty members. You’ll feel fully supported throughout your education, with access to lifelong career support that will help you carve your personal pathway to success upon graduating.

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