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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy Student Clinic

Students of the CAO standing at the student clinic celebrating 30,000 free treatments
Students and faculty have provided over 30,000 free treatments to the community of Hamilton, ON

Get Your Free, Supervised Osteopathic Treatment Today!

At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, we’re proud to offer free osteopathic treatments to the public provided at our not-for-profit student clinic.

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective approach to a variety of issues, and can help with problems such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety, and more. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners do this through restoring proper function of the body so it can self-heal and self-regulate.

Throughout the year, our clinic is open to the public four days a week, providing osteopathic care in free, 30-minute appointment slots. Our students who work at the clinic are in their third and fourth (upper-years) in the Osteopathy Program and are supervised by professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

The CAO’s FREE Student Clinic is a not-for-profit clinic that provides free osteopathic treatment to the community of Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding greater Toronto area (GTA).

Recently, the clinic reached a milestone surpassing 30,000 FREE treatments. That adds up to over 1.5 million dollars in osteopathic care given to the community!

Patients can come to the clinic for an assessment or for ongoing care. CAO students give back to the community while progressing through their education at the school and developing their clinical skills in an environment that benefits everyone.

Before your first appointment, it is required that you fill out our intake form. You can choose to book online and fill out your intake form via our online booking service, or you can arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment and fill out the form in person.

If you would like to book an appointment at the clinic, please give us a call at (289) 246-9191 or follow the button below to book online!

We value each and every one of our clients and take our commitment to provide you with exceptional service very seriously.

Here’s what some of our past patients’ have had to say about the CAO Free Clinic:

“I have only positive things to say regarding the CAO! My main issue is lower back pain. The treatments given by the friendly students are effective and pain-free. I honestly always feel much better! The appointments are 30 minutes and are booked according to MY schedule, and are totally FREE!! Thank you!”

– Lori O.

“I totally enjoy my experience with the CAO clinic every student are gentle, friendly, and help relieve the pain I experience on a daily basis. My mother made an appointment for me because she also comes for treatment! and we are both very please with the results from your clinic. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to come and be healed by these wonderful students”

– Penny Casini

“I first started going to the CAO Student Clinic, as I had been having ongoing mid-back pain.  I had tried chiropractors, and massage therapists and both provided little (and very short-term) relief.  Since I have been going to the CAO, I have found that I always get some relief from the treatments, and that relief lasts longer and longer between visits.  The students are terrific – very knowledgeable, and I feel very confident in the treatment I am receiving.  I would highly recommend osteopathy and the CAO Student Clinic to anyone!”

– Jennifer Wilson

“As a nurse, I am fully aware of the health care system and how it functions to provide patient-centered care. I became a patient in the health care system because of a problem with my back from an injury. A conversation with a work associate led to an awareness of the CAO clinic in Hamilton.  The clinic is a Not-For-Profit student clinic overseen by qualified CAO Professors. I was pleased to understand that Osteopathy is a method of treatment that “re-aligns bones, muscles and tissue” using non-invasive techniques. An appointment was made at the clinic and with a short wait time, I was scheduled for an initial assessment.  

Despite a busy clinic, I was able to have a booked appointment within a week. The students were very professional as they gathered my health history and discussed the type of treatments that could and or would occur. This was my very first time receiving Osteopathic treatment.  Students described and explained the different principles used and the rationale and outcome of the type of treatment used. Although my medical issues have improved (75%) without the use of medication or invasive intervention, I continue to receive treatment at the clinic as needed. I am thankful to the staff and students at CAO for their patience and caring with each visit. I would recommend seeing how the clinic works for your specific need.”

– Anonymous Patient

Susan Gammage, Patient of the CAO Student Clinic

The CAO provides graduates of its program with a post-graduate diploma. Completion of the program does not result in being conferred a degree designation.

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