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Tips for Building Your Professional Practice After Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Training

osteopathy collegeThe Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is a leading Osteopathy school, delivering a challenging and comprehensive program that prepares graduates for successful careers. Upon completion, our graduates have the certification necessary to open their own private practice in osteopathy, working either independently or in a practice alongside other healthcare professionals.

However, to build a successful osteopathy practice, you need more than a qualification. Professionals need to welcome their patients with a positive attitude, be open to feedback and change, and make meaningful connections with those around them. Read on to learn more about how you can apply your knowledge and training to start a professional practice in osteopathic care. 

Learn from Other Professionals in the Field of Osteopathy

As an osteopathic manual practitioner, you should be committed to improving your understanding of osteopathic theory, techniques and practices at every opportunity. This is the best way to build a career that stands the test of time. Before starting your professional practice, it’s a good idea to connect with and learn from other professionals who have followed a similar pathway. This is an opportunity to gain advice on pursuing a career in the field of osteopathy and possibly gain your own experience working in private practice. 

CAO’s reputation and extensive network of partnerships ensure that students have plenty of opportunities to network in the field, including multiple events and shadowing rotations completed in the clinical semester of Year 3. While learning under instructors actively working as Osteopathic Manual Practitioners with experience in private practices, our students can gain insights into what a professional career in the field looks like.

osteopathy school
Take advantage of experienced instructors and a network of partnerships at our osteopathy college

Build Connections With Your Patients

As a branch of healthcare, osteopathy demands strong attention to the needs of the patient and a positive patient-centric approach. This becomes even more important when building a private practice. Patients will come to your practice experiencing a variety of different issues, and they will seek your support, reassurance and assistance as a professional. In that case, it’s important to provide a positive experience for every patient and to make sure that they feel comfortable. 

Many customers will be suffering from pain and may feel apprehensive about treatment. Take the time to listen to the concerns of each patient, making sure they feel heard and valued in your practice. Developing a positive rapport with your patients from day one is crucial to developing a consistent patient base for your practice. When patients have a good first impression of your business, they become more trusting of your abilities as an osteopathic manual practitioner and are more likely to return. 

Students at our osteopathy school take part in clinical semesters where they treat real-life patients in CAO’s free public clinic. This is a chance for you to get first-hand experience practicing safe, effective and ethical osteopathy and gain confidence in providing a positive patient experience. 

osteopathic manual practitioner
Focus on providing a caring and supportive patient experience at your private practice

Keep Your Patients Informed as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Principles-based training at CAO equips you with more than just the techniques to practice osteopathy; it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the theory and history behind osteopathic techniques. This knowledge will serve you well in developing your own private practice. When you can explain to a patient what they are experiencing in their body and the theory behind what you are doing, you can help to ease their concerns and build their confidence in your practice. The more they understand, the more comfortable and empowered they feel in their own treatment. 

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