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Joe Peternal, Year 4 Student

After finishing my undergrad in kinesiology, I wanted to pursue something further. When I went to visit today and saw Mr. Johnson speak about how they approach the bodies and the philosophy, and the anatomy and physiology and mechanics of the school, ’cause it’s nothing like I’ve experienced before and I was sold. So, CAO has been preparing me to go out into clinical practice in numerous different ways that I wasn’t expecting. Since you’re not learning technique-based treatments, when you come across a patient that walks in your office, it can be overwhelming, but with the way they teach, you’re never left thinking, “Oh, where do I begin?” because you know there’s an individual process with every patient. I think that’s the most rewarding thing of the CAO, is that they teach you to think for yourself.

Joe Peternel, CAO Student
Joe Peternal, Year 4 Student

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