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Jorge Cota, Year 4 Student

Student clinic is great because it gives you that real life hands-on experience. To get an idea of what it’s like to actually treat a patient in real life and real time with real problems. You don’t get that anywhere else. I went through four years of kinesiology education without ever putting my hands on one body. It’s great to actually be able to treat the people in the Hamilton community. It gives us the chance to test out our abilities. To see who’s safe, who’s not. Discuss red flags. But also gives us the chance to really see people who are sick. Who needs treatment. And to see what that’s like and to get our hands on it. Even when coming from a kin background it’s a really big eye-opener. It’s the best osteopathic school that you are going to find in North America.

Jorge Cota, CAO Student
Jorge Cota, Year 4 Student

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