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4 Signs a Career as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Is Right for You

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Not every profession is the perfect fit for every individual, which is what makes pursuing a fulfilling career so exciting. If you’re thinking about beginning a career as an osteopathic manual practitioner, then you’ll want to make sure that you feel confident in your abilities as well as the reasoning for your choice.

Successful graduates of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy are caring, organized, and patient-oriented people who love connecting with the individuals that they work with. These qualities don’t always come naturally, and are often refined during schooling and practical experience. Discover four signs that will help you decide if osteopathy school is right for you.

1. You Enjoy Working with Your Hands

Human body-related or not, if you love working with your hands, then an osteopathy specialization will satisfy your desire to keep your hands busy. A traditional office job, requiring you to work for 8 hours at a computer, may seem unnatural to you if you are more heavily drawn toward movement, human interaction, and working with your hands.

Manual work allows you to connect more closely with your craft, which creates a rewarding working experience. Osteopathic manual practitioners especially enjoy their jobs because they learn to understand the ‘why’ behind what they do with each movement and each touch of their hands, further connecting them to their work.

osteopathy specialization
Osteopathy school is perfect for anyone looking for a profession that requires working with their hands and connecting with clients

2. You Are a Natural-Born Problem Solver

The field of osteopathy is full of challenges, surprises, and complexities. This is a great career path for you if you want to make sure that no two days on the job are the same. At CAO, students gain over 1,000 hours of supervised clinical experience that prepares them for work in the real world.

Treating each client as a unique individual with a unique set of ailments helps osteopathic manual practitioners get to the bottom of their complaints to help them along on their healing journey. If you love getting to the root cause of issues, you’ll enjoy life after osteopathy school.

3. You Love Anatomy and Physiology 

If you already love anatomy and physiology, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy diving deeper into the interrelated processes of the human body. During osteopathy training at CAO, students learn how to recognize signs and symptoms that they can address to help their clients. A deep understanding of the human body, and the principles that relate bodily systems to osteopathy, adds a needed level of context to the osteopathy techniques that students learn to use.

osteopathic manual practitioner
CAO students learn the depths of the human body systems to figure out how to best apply osteopathic techniques

4. You Want to Help Others After Osteopathy College

If you love helping people, then you know that osteopathy college is a great option for you. An important aspect of an osteopathic manual practitioner’s job is to connect with patients to help them feel seen, heard, understood, and cared for.

At CAO, you can look forward to individualized learning that will help you recognize your strengths and adopt the skills you need to best care for your future clients. All CAO graduates can uphold safe, effective, and ethical osteopathy practices to better the health and wellness of others.

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