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Looking to Change Careers? Why Osteopathy School Is a Great Option

Are you deciding on a new career path? Are you looking for a rewarding specialization in the healthcare sector? A career in osteopathy could be right for you! Working as an osteopathic manual practitioner is a dynamic role where you’ll interact directly with patients to help them overcome a number of physical challenges. You’ll apply your knowledge of osteopathic principles, theory and techniques to strengthen the framework of the body, providing a non-invasive, manual form of treatment to clients. 

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is here to set you on the path to success with a comprehensive four-year program. Whether you’re looking to switch up your career in healthcare or have no experience in the field at all, osteopathy school can bring a new specialization to your future. Learn more below.

Enjoy Working in a Hands-on Profession 

Many people are drawn to osteopathy as a way to make an active difference in the lives of others. The hands-on nature of osteopathy is well suited to those who are looking for a more dynamic, practical line of work. As an osteopathic manual practitioner, you’ll work directly with the interrelated systems and functions of the body, focusing on facilitating the health of joints and muscles through manual techniques. 

While working with your hands, you’ll also have the chance to problem-solve to arrive at the best possible treatment for your patients. If you’re looking for a people-oriented profession, osteopathy offers precisely that. Communicating with your patients, learning about their symptoms, and offering personalized treatment plans are all part of the job when you become an osteopathic manual practitioner. Get ready for a career that allows you to take a more hands-on role in helping others.

Join a rewarding profession working with people.

Develop a Specialized Skillset in the Healthcare Field

Working as an osteopathic manual practitioner is a challenging and rewarding job that requires advanced knowledge. If you’re thinking about changing careers, you might be looking to develop more precise expertise and specialized skills. An osteopathic manual practitioner needs a solid understanding of clinical anatomy and physiology, osteopathic principles and theories, and practical techniques.

At our osteopathy school, we focus on teaching principles-based, classical osteopathy.  By focusing on the theory and application of these principles, students gain a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology so that they can treat the layers of bodily structure on an individual level. Not to mention, you’ll get first-hand experience treating real-life patients in our free public clinic. 

For those looking to develop their expertise in a specialized area of healthcare, our osteopathy school is the place for you. 

Develop specialized knowledge of osteopathic principles and anatomy.

A Flexible Program to Support Your Osteopathy Career Advancement

For many people, switching careers can be a daunting process. It requires time and commitment to training. At the same time, you may have other personal and professional responsibilities to keep. 

That’s why CAO offers a flexible program in order to accommodate students who are already working full-time but are seeking a career transition. The combination of online and in-person classes makes training that much easier; students attend in person once a month for intensive hands-on training, while online lecture days are grouped for easy scheduling. 

At CAO, we also understand that osteopathy is a brand new language and a new way of thinking for everyone, even if they already have a healthcare background. For those without a healthcare background, our Prep course is designed to bring you up to speed on essential anatomy knowledge. While adjusting to a full course load can be a challenge, there are plenty of support systems available for students at our campus, including access to a Student Success Coordinator and a faculty passionate about the success of their students.


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