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Helping Patients in the Summer: What to Expect in Your Osteopathy Specialization

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Osteopathy is a practice that examines the structure and function of the human body to facilitate the healing of any problems. As a complementary therapy, osteopathy helps to strengthen the framework of the body so it can reach its optimal physical function. This is particularly important in summer, when more and more people are getting back into the swing of physical activity. 

As an osteopathic manual practitioner during this time of year, you’ll likely have patients come to you dealing with athletic injuries, gardening injuries, soreness or other difficulties. After the long hiatus of winter, you’ll work to help those people adjust to the changing seasons and ease their bodies back into their routine. Here’s a closer look at what to expect as an osteopathic manual practitioner this season.

Coping With Long-Term Discomfort

After winter, more people are looking to enjoy the outdoors and get moving in the summer. Unfortunately, this is also a time when an increase in physical activity can bring to light some underlying issues in the body. You may find a patient experiencing ongoing discomfort from a debilitating condition. Other patients may be grappling with long-term chronic pain or discomfort. In each case, you’ll work to identify and treat the underlying cause of the pain, coaxing the body back to full health. 

As a professional working in an osteopathy specialization, you’ll provide gentle, safe and non-invasive therapy that is well-suited to managing long-term discomfort in patients. By strengthening the body’s framework, you can help to reduce pain, increase mobility and improve the quality of life for your patients as they make the most of the summer season. 

osteopathy career advancement
Those in an osteopathy specialization will treat patients with recurring pain

Recovering from Injury 

As you advance in your osteopathy career, you’ll find that many patients seek treatment for new or recurring sports injuries. This is a particularly common occurrence during the summer when training seasons begin and more people push themselves towards their fitness goals. Many sports, such as running, can place unprecedented strain on the body’s muscles and joints–especially when the right care isn’t taken to form and recovery periods. 

As an osteopathic manual practitioner, you’ll apply manual techniques using osteopathic reasoning and principles to provide cohesive osteopathic treatments that support the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate. With a strong understanding of clinical anatomy and physiology, you’ll examine the body as a whole dynamic body of functions. This kind of approach will allow you to assist patients suffering from minor pain or run-on injuries and help them to reach their peak performance. 

osteopathy specialization
Summer brings many patients experiencing sports injuries

How Your Training at Our Osteopathy Academy Can Help

The training offered at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy grants students an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology, so they can treat the layers of bodily structure on a personalized, individual level. Beyond developing a strong foundation in osteopathic principles and theory, our students gain firsthand experience treating real-life patients in our free public clinic. 

As you work towards your osteopathy career advancement, the exposure to different patients experiencing a range of physical challenges will give you the confidence to treat a variety of issues throughout your career. From sports injuries to latent pain, you’ll be ready to support the recovery and mobility of your patients this season. 

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