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What Makes the Faculty at Our Osteopathy Academy Special?

The faculty at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is passionate about inspiring the next generation of osteopathic manual practitioners. At CAO, we promise you a challenging, engaging, and rewarding learning experience that exceeds your expectations–and this is all thanks to the commitment of our instructors.

Throughout the four-year program, your classes will be led by experienced educators who are passionate about what they do and experts in their fields. Whether you’re learning about osteopathic theory and principles or getting hands-on training in our clinic, our instructors are there to support your understanding at every stage. Here’s a closer look at what distinguishes the faculty at CAO.

Working Professionals in the Osteopathy Field

A unique quality of the faculty at our osteopathy academy is that all of our instructors are industry-experienced professionals; they actively work (or have experience working) as osteopathic manual practitioners. Many even run their own private practices alongside their work at CAO. In a learning environment that is led by professionals with a foot in the industry and an understanding of current osteopathic practices, you can be sure that your training is tailored to the needs of clients today. 

Instructors at our osteopathy academy are actively working in the field.

Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences

Each instructor at CAO has taken a different path to become an osteopathy professional. Each one has now built a successful and rewarding career as an osteopathic manual practitioner and is able to guide students of all backgrounds and experience levels. 

Their various interests in the field of osteopathy allow them to offer more specialized training to our students. For example, CAO Professor Cole Ruston opened a clinic with an emphasis on educating patients on the value of general movement and other health practices.

Many of our instructors are even alumni of CAO. They know the curriculum inside out and are able to offer more focused support to help you navigate the program. Students can learn from the personal experiences of those who came before them and gain inspiration for their own professional pathways.

Our instructors bring a range of real-world experiences to the table.

Ready to Offer Personalized Support at Our Osteopathy Academy

Our outstanding teacher-to-student ratio ensures you get the individual attention and academic support you deserve, allowing you to achieve the highest level of comprehension and achievement possible. Whether you’re working in the classroom or our free public clinic, the instructors are there to supervise and guide your training with hands-on support. 

You’ll gain expertise in a variety of areas, such as clinical anatomy & physiology, osteopathic history & theory, principles in practice, and more. In each area, our instructors will make sure you’re progressing through your education at the right pace and understanding how each topic feeds into the next. You’ll feel fully supported throughout your education, with access to lifelong career support after graduating. 


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